• Contents: 1 x Cube (6 x 6 x 6),  2 x Square (6 x 6 x 3), 1 x Rectangle (12 x 6 x 3), 1 x Rectangle (12 x 6 x 6), 1 x Rectangle (18 x 6 x 6), 1 x Rectangle (24 x 6 x 6)
• Suitable for children older than 1 year

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Product Description


• The set is perfect eco toys for babies and toddlers. Small and simple buildings can be created. The small Corcodiles Prismatic set introduces the world of cork building blocks.
• Made by 100% pressed cork, produced from renewable wood in sustainable forest. The specific surface adhere excellently to each other enabling stable constructions without slipping.
• The Corcodile building blocks are anti-allergenic. They are safe with no risk of injury due to their light weight and beveled edges.
• Free of harmful substances.

The set contains natural and colored with certified harmless dyes blocks.

All Corcodile cork building blocks, from different sets, can be combined; the building blocks of Prismatic, Beginner, Rookie, Intermediate and Expert have similar sizes and compatible shapes.

Additional information

Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 240 × 190 × 90 mm

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