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About us

The brand.


Direct, open, honest and with a big hug for the Nature.
This is the way that we work every day and look into the future of our world and our kids.

The Cork for Corcodile

Softer than wood
Gentle as mother’s hand
Worm as summer
Light as feather

Our goal is to offer the child a lot of fun while playing. If it is also produced with our planet in mind, we have done it right. This also requires that all our products are natural and are only processed with materials that do not endanger or burden your child.
Material: cork granules pressed – cork is a natural material, which is free from pollutants. The product is durable and recyclable. It is produced from renewable raw materials.
Origin: The cork is obtained from a FSC certified forestry in Portugal.
Color: Highest industrial standard / 100% antiallergic / no detectable pollutants (aromas, plasticizers / phthalates, heavy metals).

More about the cork

The cork tree is 100% Eco-friendly. A cork oak must grow about 20 years before the first harvest of the bark. After that, the tree can be harvested every 9 years. The bark (cork) must be peeled from the tree by hand. A cork oak, whose bark is regularly removed, even bind 3 times more CO2 than unharvested trees. No other tree binds as much CO2 as the cork oaks. It is one of the best materials possible for use in ecologically friendly toys.

Our eco toy is tested in accordance with the European standard for safety of toys DIN EN 71 CE, as is true with the materials of our suppliers. We strive to keep the children’s rooms, kindergartens and schools as free as possible from plastic toys, which can be loaded with environmentally unfriendly substances.